Can an ACCELERATE session with our team be the key to unleash success for your health IT/analytics innovation?

Is your start-up (or new product development) working to innovate health care analytics solutions, likely leveraging advanced health IT, only to be delayed by solving HIPAA compliance?

Do you have robust voice of the physician and the right solution architecture, stalled out by compliance issues that bring excessive delays and cost estimates?

Are the various certifications, badges, programs and platforms starting to look like a complex jumble - a labyrinth with many pathways, yet no clear steps to success?

C4UH offers to help you ACCELERATE.

Is your founding team considering the investment in a commitment to structured incubation?  Is it possible that you are close enough to deploy and scale clients through the simple choice to ACCELERATE?

For qualified teams / services / projects, C4UH brings specialty expertise to help your team radically ACCELERATE from vision to design to deployment to go-live. 

How is this possible?  We brings years of experience with leading health IT consultancies, such as First Consulting Group, CSC et al.  Prior advisory experience includes multiple assignments with leading health care enterprises, their IT vendors, academic medical centers, biotech companies, health plans, medical groups, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and more.

Our advisory team brings broad experience with complex health care organizations.  We've developed complex RFP's, guided product and vendor selections, crafted strategic plans and budgets, and achieved production ready certification for complex, modern solution stacks.  Our legacy of success is a pillar supporting many enterprise success stories - across all kinds of health care organizations.

We see the US health sector rapidly entering a time that demands new forms of innovation.  Smart physicians and technologists are imagining, inventing, innovating, creating the next wave of important tools for safer, high quality, affordable health care.  Analytics are key to helping health services survive, particularly in underserved locales and segments.  That is why C4UH is offering ACCELERATE - we believe that the underserved can't access enough innovative health analytics tools soon enough.  Gaps in resources and understanding are severe and seem to be growing.  Your analytics innovation might help reverse this trend for the underserved.  Who knows - analytics innovations that lift the underserved just may happen to also boost outcomes in the leading metro centers of excellence.

If your innovation in health IT and analytics seems blocked or stalled just short of launch or a major milestone, we invite you to ACCELERATE.  What would it mean to leap ahead and surge forward?

Would you like to boost your sprint to success?  Apply to ACCELERATE if you'd like to learn more about this special offering.  We'll work together to craft just the right blend of skills, tools, methods and resources to bring immediate options to serve your clients better and scale faster, with quality and compliance.