Tables for Techers 2024

Please consider joining John Odden (BS '74) and other Techers for what promises be a fun afternoon / evening on Sunday July 21st, 2024. I'd appreciate a few more attendees who are curious about the same hunch that launched me to offer a "Tables for Techers" event this year.

Is 2024 perhaps a unique time when the aptitudes and capacities of Techers are truly needed now for humanity to bloom and flourish, more than ever before?

  • Can a simple, fun template, make it easier for anyone to sponsor a low effort, high reward Tables event?
  • Does a Table design that works at any of 27 Gelson's Market locations across So Cal help? Or, look locally anyplace on Earth and clone this. 
  • Are we energized and refreshed when we reconnect with what called us to be Techers in the first place?

Here's the template I'm piloting this July 21st in Newport Beach, CA:

  • Core Tables Event - 2 to 5 PM at a Gelson's Market Wine + Tapas Bar on the patio. Melanie, the manager, will set aside space and I'll get a few items to nibble. The tapas, wine and beer menus are divine. Also, ANYTHING one could want beyond the menu is inside, either at the Gelson's awesome deli section or throughout the Market. Bring what you like back out to the patio.
  • Bonus Event - 6 to 7:30 PM optionally be on the lawn at the Newport Beach Civic Center for a concert by the RADIO REBELS, and 80's Music Cover Band. Bring your blanket or chair and a picnic meal. Pack your favorites or grab 'n go from Gelson's.

What if the discussion needs a boost? I've prepared a few "sparking questions" meant to enable anyone to find something fun and memorable to share.

If you're inspired to join after July 7th, YOU CAN STILL JOIN THIS TABLE. Just click this special enrollment link to join the Wine + Tapas Bar Table For Techers. There's an amazing diversity of Techers saying YES this season!

Suggestions and comments are also welcome. Use the Contact link above or click right here

Wishing all of you the blessings of a glorious summer and a properous journey into the new world emerging around us!