YOUR physicians CAN use their guidelines!

Please share this bit of good news with your favorite physicians - it is now easy and affordable to use their trusted guidelines every day.  Sign up to support GIST and you can help share the news - Better patient satisfaction and quality of care is at hand.  It's as simple as getting GIST.

What does GIST (Guideline Service Interoperable Tool) do?

  • C4UH provides GIST, a very simple, low-cost desktop software tool for both primary care and specialty physicians to use in noting the use of their Clinical Practice Guidelines (aka evidence-based algorithms) in the encounter note of the patient's digital health record.  Behind that, GIST supports essential data science and analytics at the physician's option.
  • When physicians, hospitals and local or national experts agree upon guidelines, care coordination, quality of care and patient satisfaction improves and cost of care potentially decreases. Evidence-based medicine with clinical + financial integration equates to better value for TriCare, PPO, HMO, Medicare and Medicaid patients.
  • Most importantly, GIST works with any and all Electronic Health Record platforms and does not require the cooperation of the EHR vendor.


What GIST is not:

  • Many highly regarded vendors bring in guidelines from an academic center or a marquee health system sponsor.  Instead, GIST uses evidence based guidelines developed by the specialists and primary care physicians within any Accountable Care Organization.  Therefore, GIST is the fastest, simplest way for stakeholders to use their own guidelines regardless of which EHR solution a stakeholder is using and without requiring the cooperation of the EHR vendor.
  • Quite a few excellent vendors (IBM Watson Health, Health Catalyst et al) bring AI, ML, Big Data and other "great stuff" to give the physicians better diagnostic and decision support tools.  Currently these tools are costly to deploy with major monthly support fees. GIST is simple - inexpensive to deploy, with minimal support fees.


Who GIST helps:

  • When Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's) use GIST to help physicians and hospital staff follow evidence based guidelines, the ACO's are able to use GIST data analytics to demonstrate quality improvement and cost savings to negotiate added health plan reimbursement.

For information, or to get GIST, please contact C4UH.

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