Noble Purpose

For Resilience, Renewal, Recovery, & Strength

Are you accomplished and successful in your life and work, yet feeling disconnected from your passion and purpose?  Does this describe your situation more exactly:

  • You know deep inside that you possess a Noble Purpose--a signature way of being in service to the world that is yours and yours alone.
  • You know that when you're expressing it, even if you are not consciously aware of what "it" is.  You are energized, powerful and fulfilled; and when you lose touch with it, you feel powerless, small, out-of-synch and diminished.
  • You know when you are feeling diminished and powerless that working harder, more frenetically, compulsively, obsessively, does not realize your purpose.

The challenge in discovering Noble Purpose is that Noble Purpose is rarely if ever revealed through rational thought processes.  In fact, it best emerges when you move outside of rigid patterns of thinking.  You will access five inspiring, fertile states of mind that will free you from obstructions to your purpose and will give you access to stunning new realizations, shifts in reality, and a new capacity to create in the world. 

During the pandemic C4UH is pleased to offer easy access to Dr. Barry Heermann's Revealing Your Noble Purpose, for a discounted $115 fee, including all course materials.  The standard $195 fee will returns after we resolve this pandemic.  The format is five one-hour telecourse sessions held Mon-Fri on consecutive days.  Please join if Barry's direct approach to recover strength and find deep resilience could be timely for you.  

The next open sessions are posted on our enrollment calendar.

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