Everyone is working on putting life together and moving ahead.  We are pleased to launch resources to support what we're calling Reconvening - the work of communities of all kinds, sizes, and members to return to activities that call to our interest and passion.  Check back for updates as we refresh what we offer and work to bring out new, useful resources:

Reading to Kids - Joan is the volunteer who saw the need and created delight for kids in our community.  In her own words:

Enjoy Reading to Kids!

You can read to kids in your own family / neighborhood / community.  Are resources a challenge?  Dust off your library card - or get one.  Just ask a local librarian whose passion includes children's books.  Between parents, teachers, volunteers, librarians and your local kids, it's fun and rewarding to figure out when, where and who will find real joy from reading to kids.  Parents / guardians appreciate being consulted - they provide essential consent and have helpful insights.

Please consider adding your voice by sharing Reading To Kids - click to learn more.

Once you start reading to kids, be prepared to enjoy the passion and focus of their young, inquisitive, appreciative minds at a time of exploration and rapid growth.  Enjoy the journey.

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