Telehealth grants are coming!

Across healthcare, telehealth is showing up as a great tool to chop the typical delay in a patient accessing their physician or therapist.  Whether due to busy work schedules not aligned with open appointments or a "narrow network" that may require driving farther to reach a medical office, it seems harder schedule and reach a health care appointment.  Between expanding insurance coverage for telehealth, more affordable telehealth appointments and increasing access to the right smartphones, tablets, computers and apps, telehealth is here.

Sign up now if you'd like to be on the priority list to learn about an upcoming grant program for health care providers to access the best telehealth service Collaborative For Universal Health found in our review.  Sign up is free and carries no commitment.  If you're offered the grant program, enjoy the use of telehealth service with your patients for one year under a Business Associate Agreement.  At the end of the grant year, you can discontinue use or subscribe at a cost expected to be no more than $15/month.  This offer is limited medical and behavioral providers licensed and practicing in the 50 states of the US.

NOTE:  This service is based on licensed providers serving their patients according to national and local regulations under each patients health insurance program.  Providers are solely responsible for all aspects of billing, claims and reimbursement.  C4UH does not collect any information about patients or services.  This is a fully compliant telehealth service that is designed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality between providers and patients.

PLEASE: Include your e-mail address suitable to receive the grant offer in the Comments field.  If we're swamped, those who leave their e-mail will be invited first.  The number of grants will be limited.


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