C4UH brings you the affordable Telehealth app you've wanted - available now!

Qualified providers can subscribe via C4UH for $12.99/month per user license to have a telehealth video app with

  • Simple user experience
  • High quality video and audio


Enrollment is quick:

  1. Click the enrollment link below
  2. You'll receive your HIPAA BAA by e-mail, along with a subscription payment link
  3. As soon as your payment processes, you'll receive an e-mail with links to download PC, Mac, iPhone and Android apps.  Activate your subscription and offer your patients the convenience of quality telehealth


Telehealth and telemental health improve timely access to care for many patients.  Patients, parents, and caregivers appreciate the option of loading a simple app on their iPhone or Android and accessing their physician or therapist with new flexibility - minimize time off from work/school and lost time for transportation to medical offices.



  • Telehealth app and service are CyberLink U Meeting - great user experience with quality audio and video
  • CyberLink U Meeting app can be installed to desktop on PC or Mac, as well as from app store for iPhone and Android
  • Treat patients based on existing insurance, networks and rates - you run your telehealth practice
  • Patients / caregivers / parents use any U Meeting app
  • Providers set their schedule, provide access to their patients and control their billing and reimbursement
  • Only pay for the telehealth subscription you need - select one for each simultaneous patient consult, one per provider, or customize
  • When you subscribe with C4UH, you'll have the required end-to-end encryption and a signed HIPAA BAA

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