Telehealth for coronavirus triage - and so much more

C4UH joins with CyberLink to offer convenience and safety for triage / follow-up:

using Simple, Affordable, Higher Quality Telehealth

[This page is for physicians and therapists - click here to learn how patients can help]

Providers can subscribe via C4UH for $12.99 / month / user license for telehealth service 

(1) Be sure to use the SAME e-mail for Request, Payment and Dashboard - otherwise, you may be unable to activate. At this low price, we can process a cancellation effective at the end of your subscription, but are unable to refund. Please type or copy/paste your e-mail address carefully
(2) Request Telehealth
(3) Pay for your subscription - monthly or annual

Single orders are limited to 6,415 annual or 76,982 monthly seats per request.  If your required order exceeds these quantities or your payment card capacity, we can work with your bank wire or ACH - please contact us and let us know how we can help.  You are also welcome to submit multiple orders.  More than 1 user or seat per order will require securely uploading your user roster, or establishing single sign on.  We are here to help - please contact us.

See a video about U Meeting, learn more about C4UH's Telehealth offer.  Benefits and links to FAQ and How-To instructions (including training video) are a click away:

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