Use telehealth if you need to see your physician about coronavirus - C4UH knows how

Need to see your physician to find out if you or a loved one has flu or coronavirus / COVID-19?  Don't sit in a waiting room that may have infected patients.  Tell your physician about C4UH Telehealth - just $12.99/month to offer telehealth anytime - 24 hours/day, seven days/week. 

Pay per your health plan and your physician submits a claim.  C4UH is a non-profit, able to provide this special offer for medical offices who accept Medicare, Medicaid, MediCal et al.

Is telehealth safer and more convenient for you, but too costly?  Did you receive a coupon to join a new telehealth network, with fees up to $45, even $80, or more?  With C4UH Telehealth, you can see your physician - the one you trust, using a secure app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Please help us by telling your physician about this major leap in cost savings, privacy and convenience.

Do you want telehelath for an initial evaluation ("do I go to urgent care or book an office visit?"), but wish it was your personal physician, and not a stranger?  Join C4UH as a supporter and e-mail, Tweet or use Facebook to alert your physician.  They can subscribe and be online in a few days.

You can be a powerful promoter of C4UH Telehealth.  Share your perspective on the convenience, flexibility and truly low cost of affordable C4UH Telehealth. Simple for personal physicians and all their patients.  Any physician pays just $12.99/month for unlimited use of C4UH's private, HIPAA-compliant app with higher quality video and audio.

Please consider becoming a donor if you'd like to help C4UH cover the cost of serving physicians in rural offices, community clinics, free clinics and other underserved settings. 

Far too many medical appointments never get scheduled because of time and work conflicts, as well as the real burden of work schedules and the transportation time and cost involved. 

Telehealth can turn any open slot in a physician's busy calendar into a quick, timely virtual appointment with a patient they know, a patient who trusts their medical expertise.

The C4UH Telehealth service can make the difference between timely support from a personal physician versus a late night rush to find an Emergency Department. 

Without telehealth, any small issue, left untreated, can develop overnight into a major concern, even a crisis.  This is preventable with access to telehealth.  C4UH's Telehealth keeps patients connected to their personal physicians and protects truly affordable healthcare for all.