About Collaborative for Universal Health

C4UH launched when our founding team noticed that the race to "go digital" and "scale for significance" left a growing segment of underserved stakeholders in healthcare.  Gaps were increasing, leaving more patients and providers without reasonable access. Essential care was being delayed or missed entirely. Instead of addressing issues safely and affordably, the most underserved were waiting until health issues neared critical levels - or facing emergencies. Pandemic impacts have increased these burdens to worrisome levels.

This team believed that some gaps that could be addressed quickly and at low cost using "open" methods (open governance, standards, and source).  Ongoing experience continues to reveal vital roles for simple, affordable approaches that meet real needs across the community. C4UH is pleased to spotlight how existing resources and skills can often "meet the real need," when augmented with carefully crafted solutions.

Welcome to "a new kind of tomorrow" - starting today, as we continue to expand a range of services for underserved stakeholders.

Learn more about our history and founding team.