About Collaborative for Universal Health

C4UH was born when our founders realized that underserved stakeholders in health care face growing gaps as the health sector races to adopt digital patient charts and advanced analytics (AI/ML).  We saw a few gaps that could be addressed with reduced cost using open methods.  Ongoing project experience continues to demonstrate vital roles for simple, affordable solutions.

The C4UH founding team (Stephen H. Carson, MD and Rev. John Odden) concluded that a non-profit convenor might be the best way to support simple projects and solutions for those lacking access to advanced funding or technology resources.  C4UH conceives and emphasizes methods that keep each stakeholder in control of their engagement and their data.  We are pleased to support simple methods that can close real gaps.  

Welcome to "tomorrow" - it starts today, as we continue to fill essential gaps and assist underserved stakeholders.

C4UH is recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 public charity.  We have prior performance with the US Dept of HHS (MITRE, SAMHSA & ONC) and are registered with the National Institute of Health's eRA Commons.