C4UH was formed when the founding team realized that many underserved stakeholders in health care face gaps that need to be filled.  Experience collaborating over prior years on several varied projects confirmed that some gaps could be addressed with open methods - governance, standards and/or source.  Starting in 2011 emerging developments led by the US Dept. of HHS (including ONC), while favorable for well-funded stakeholders, appeared to expand gaps faced in rural health care (which was starting to be referred to as the white space), as well as other underserved segments.  The underserved included a range of settings, sometimes including not only patients, but also providers of many types, health plans and also public health.  Underserved or under-resourced public health activities may include hospitals, clinics, health plans and a range of agencies at the city, county, state and federal levels.

The C4UH founding team (Stephen H. Carson, MD and Rev. John Odden) concluded that a non-profit approach might be a good way to craft, deliver, support and spotlight some simple solutions to serve those lacking access to essential funding or technologies.  We quickly confirmed that the potential benefits extend beyond rural and underserved inner city areas to Public Health and many other Agencies.  Many answers to the challenges of better health care can be found "in the data" and much of the data either is stuck with stakeholders we wanted to assist - or they "need the data" but have no pathway to engage.  C4UH conceived and emphasizes methods that leaves each stakeholder in control of their engagement and their data.  To us, these are "forgotten gaps".  We are pleased to be able to offer simple means to close a few gaps.  

Welcome to "tomorrow" - it starts today, as we take our next steps.


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