Here are variety of resources that we believe may be useful while regrouping, reconvening, and engaging to construct the "new normal." 

Reading To Kids is a model or template program to help spread energy and enthusiasm for reading across your community, from adults to kids, as well as between kids.

Remote Patient Monitoring helps patients and their physicians stay alert for personal health trends that deserve attention. Here's a program built and supported health services leaders that we appreciate.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs help alert busy providers in the ER and Urgent Care settings to risk of Rx medication abuse. C4UH is proud to have helped the US Dept of HHS operate multiple successful pilots based on delivering alerts directly into existing systems and workflows - truly simple and provider-friendly!

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resrouces (FHIR) is an updated approach to moving data from systems that manage the digital patient chart into approved apps that are typically tailored to unique specialty roles and workflows. C4UH can orchestrate rapid deployment and activation of standards-compliant services on modern, secure cloud platforms. Please ask and let us surprise you.

UMIO came to our attention in an ISPOR Signal Series webinar mid-2022. Chris Lawer spoke persuasively about recent success applying models of whole real experience and experience ecosystems to the toughest challenges in value-based care - and achieving progress. We can assist in defining and staging affordable pilot programs with stakeholders who need improvements in the near term.

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