UMIO came to our attention via an ISPOR Signal Series webinar held mid-2022. Chris Lawer spoke persuasively about recent success applying models of whole real experience and experience ecosystems to the toughest challenges in value-based care - and achieving progress. C4UH can assist in defining and staging affordable pilot programs with stakeholders who need improvements in the near term.

  •  ISPOR invited Chris Lawer, founder of Umio, to share his work with "Real Experience Flow Creation" - a method to understand patients more intimately and dynamically than possible with diagnosis and treatment codes alone. Learn more by watching the inline video below.
  •  While ISPOR offers the Signal Series webinars to bring new, leading edge work to Members, professsionals with background in Hospice, Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, and Social Work may be familiar with many elements of Chris Lawer's work. The Umio website has a wide range of materials, references, tools and services - all ready to download and deploy. Many resources are included with affordable memberships in the Umio Community.

On-demand viewing is offered - just click on the video to control playback or go to full page mode.

Value-based care leaders may encounter more than a few frustrations when looking for levers for solid improvement addressing depression, diabetes, wound care, and other tough challenges. It can be well worthwhile to look and listen closely to what Chris and the Umio Community are achieving. They do offer well-crafted approaches that bring findings of performance improvements that matter.

The view of C4UH is that astute use of open standards and open source, crafted for compatibility with legacy systems (ex. FHIR, web APIs), can make quick progress possible with Umio's methods, and more. Please Contact Us to learn more.

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